Video Premiere: Terrane ‘Circles’

by Lucy Lerner

8th August, 2019

Fall into a dream world with the music video for ‘Circles’ from Terrane. The song has that otherworldly quality which the visuals bring to life fusing ideas of body, mind, space, and love. Terrane is an artist soaked in mystery and ‘Circles’ is unique with airy vocals an electronic undertone creating such a hypnotic piece it sends listeners and viewers into a trance.

There is an interesting theory about Terrane. He lives and works below the iconic BT Tower, and one wonders if his music has been influenced by technology and human connections being transmitted frequently by the tower.

Terrane’s ‘Circles’ features an exotic electronic palette which manages to convey emotion and tell a story through a rich, uplifting soundscape. The music video captures this intense feeling through technicolour and movements – it is a clever track conveyed even more passionately through the visuals which leave the viewer craving more.

‘Circles’ is the first single from Terrane’s upcoming debut album.

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