“you left a bad taste in my heart”

Sultry songstress Julia Church is back with new single ‘Crawl’ – an addictive track with a memorable melody and mesmerising harmonies. There is an expansiveness to the song as if you are floating through the layers. This, in turn, creates a liberating feeling which is ironic since the theme is about finding it hard to let go. Julia knows how to draw different textures and moods together to create ethereality and warmth.

Julia comments on her latest release, “Crawl is my third single, which I produced with the super talented Ben De Vries. It’s an older one that I wrote at uni, while in quite a toxic relationship. It’s basically about being a rock to someone who is struggling and how it was soften at the cost of my own well-being.

‘Crawl’ is hook-driven and emotionally direct – a strong new song from Julia which gets us even more excited for her debut album release later this year.

‘Crawl’ is out on September 10th, followed by a live performance at The Slaughtered Lamb, London on September 12th.

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