Jarod Lawley

a modern noir song that pays homage to the dark side of the vintage era

London-based singer-songwriter Jarod Lawley appears to revel in nostalgia from his looks which are a cross between James Dean and Elvis to his musical themes and sound. His Instagram bio says, “Alternative music for people with old souls” and that captures his essence perfectly.

Jarod is back with his third single release, ‘Listen to ‘Everything That I Need You To Be’ which follows the charismatic ‘Tonight’ and ‘Gordon’s Gin’. His music takes on a moody vibe courtesy of his dark chocolate rich baritone vocals, but also his choice of dark production and cinematic instrumentals.

New release, ‘Everything That I Need You To Be’, is deep, complex and profound. The more you listen, the more you discover. It fuses various genres and with cinematic aesthetics, it’s screaming to be played in the latest trending Netflix original film.

“And I know
That there’s something so strange about me
And you like what you’ve seen about seen about me
Won’t you please have the courage to be
Everything that I need you to be”

Jarod Lawley describes his new single, “Everything That I Need You To Be’ represents my longing and nostalgia for a time that I didn’t even live through. It’s a brooding anthem for people who feel they have old souls and wish things could be how they used to be. I combined a surf-rock riff with dark synthesisers and trap-inspired drums to create a modern noir song that pays homage to the dark side of the vintage era“.

So, do a Jarod – perfect your quiff and your model scowl and listen to this exquisitely dark, introspective, brooding new track from a really exciting artist who is doing it his way.

‘Everything That I Need You To Be’ is released on 22nd October 2019.

See Jarod Lawley live:
24.10.19 The Moustache Bar, London

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