MOLTENO Depicts A Night Of Hedonism With Tripping Up

Wed Apr 01 2020

Tripping Up is a well-produced, insightfully written piece of music and one which has made alternative music artist MOLTENO instantly stand out from the crowd. It’s the kind of track you would add to your come-down playlist, when you are in a spiritual, yet emotionally-twisted state and sedated from the madness of the night before. […]

Nostalgic Dream-Pop From Trunky Juno With ‘It’s A Trip’

Tue Nov 26 2019

Trunky Juno is definitely not from this era. But one thing is for certain…he is bringing back an era of Indie music which sadly doesn’t feature much in the charts anymore. We’re specifically referring to when David Bowie was releasing Industrial and Drum & Bass-influenced singles such as ‘Little Wonder’ during the 90’s Rave and […]

‘Alone girl’ Is Lo-Fi RnB At Its Best From Ivy x Since Westbrook

Tue Mar 19 2019

18-year-old singer-songwriter, Ivy, and producer, Since Westbrook, mark the re-emergence of lo-fi R&B with their debut single ‘alone girl’. ‘Alone girl’ is an outpour of emotions in its truest form. Since Westbrook’s sound is heavily influenced by contemporary R&B and Electro Hip Hop, much like his other work, his atmospheric, ethereal production allows room for […]

Float On A Summer Wave With The FNP Remix Of ‘Lessons In Love’

Tue Jul 31 2018

Float on a summer wave with the FNP remix of Peppermint Heaven’s hit single ‘Lessons In Love’. The track evokes images of the sunlight glittering on the ocean, shimmering sequins catching the light, pretty much anything sparkly and twinkly with it’s multi-faceted yet lush soundscape. Juno & Spark are Peppermint Heaven and their own brand […]

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