Nostalgic Dream-Pop From Trunky Juno With ‘It’s A Trip’

by Terry Guy

26th November, 2019

Trunky Juno

Trunky Juno is definitely not from this era. But one thing is for certain…he is bringing back an era of Indie music which sadly doesn’t feature much in the charts anymore. We’re specifically referring to when David Bowie was releasing Industrial and Drum & Bass-influenced singles such as ‘Little Wonder’ during the 90’s Rave and Brit Pop period. Trunky Juno wants to take on a trip back to the good ole days of Babylon Zoo and Blur, via his new track ‘It’s A Trip’ released via Silent Kid Records…an apt title for quite a twisted, schizophrenic Bedroom-Pop record.

Trunky Juno’s intention is to take you away from the Groundhog Day of modern radio, to the underground of Alt-Pop and New Wave, which only The 1975 seem to be partially doing on the mainstream side of things at the moment, and we love him all the more for doing just that. He is an interesting artist, with some unusually distorted synths, performing some very quirky melodies over a memorable Pop chord structure, which is enough to f*ck with your brain.

‘It’s A Trip’ is a head spinner and for all the right reasons. The way we see it, we need more musicians like Trunky Juno who are bringing back an alternative genre of psychedelic Rave music and fearlessly so.

‘It’s A Trip’ is out now.

Catch Trunky Juno live on 27th Nov at The Cluny, Newcastle.

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