Premiere: ANZU’s Slice Of Feel-Good With New Single ‘Theme From Depression’

by Lucy Lerner

31st August, 2018

It’s a retro yet fresh slice of feel-good with the funkiest bassline and synths which unfurl pads of warmth. ‘Theme From Depression’ gives you the feel of a hazy weekend where you’ve been totally lost in the music and compelled to dance. It’s the brand new single out today from Canadian Electro-house duo ANZU.

Simon Belanger and Jesse Silkie came together to form ANZU in 2012 and released their debut EP ‘Without Love Vol. 1‘ on Valentine’s Day last year. Heavily inspired by French house music it was the first in a series of EPs with ‘Without Love Vol. 2’ making an appearance soon. It expands on the disco feel which seeped from the first installment but also reveals experimentation with lo-fi house, 80s classic house and shoegaze….a very exciting prospect.

With Without Love Vol. 2, we wanted to expand on the musical ideas expressed on Vol. 1. With “Theme From Depression”, we really dove into the microsampling technique which is heavily inspired by artists like Todd Edwards and Justice. Taking short clips from songs that we warped, reversed, sped up, pitched, and whatever else we could to them until we had an entirely new track with a new melody and feel unrecognizable to the original source.

‘Theme From Depression’ is a delicious taste of what to expect from the next ANZU installment and will fuel your passion for early Autumn nights on the dance floor and those lost, hazy weekends immersed in new sonic soundscapes.

‘Without Love Vol. 2’ is set for release on September 21st.

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