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Sam Opoku Drops New Music Video Cherry On Top

Fri Nov 27 2020

Sam Opoku drops new music video Cherry On Top. He comes correct with a catchy flow and an infectious melody that has all the qualities of a certified banger. Vino joins him on this track, and the partnership works to perfection, creating a song to lift spirits even in a pandemic. The music video is […]

Liam O’ Brien Lets Go Of The Past In Higher Than Our Hopes

Fri Nov 27 2020

Singer-songwriter Liam O’ Brien has released the music video for his acoustic pop track Higher Than Our Hopes. The track is filled with soaring harmonies and mellifluous melodies contained in an airy soundscape. Although there are melancholic themes the song is somehow uplifting. The slick visuals shot on an Alexa Mini reflect the emotion as […]

VISSIA Writes From The Heart In Walk Me Home

Wed Nov 18 2020

From the first few moments of VISSIA’s landmark new track Walk Me Home, it’s clear that we have something special on our hands. Gone is any semblance of pop pretence; instead, we have something resembling the authenticity of a talent such as Adele, mixed in with the haunting vocals of Sia. However, VISSIA is wholly […]

RAIGN Releases A Breathtaking Rendition Of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Tue Nov 17 2020

We were all hit hard by the powerhouse vocals performed on epic, Pop Rock numbers such as Out Of Time and Inside Of Me from RAIGN’s critically acclaimed 2018 debut album SIGN From Above. However, on this occasion, the LA-based music artist has replaced, what Neon Music has called “the resilient lungs of RAIGN,” with […]

Cliff Savage Drops New Single Raw Deposits And An Official Music Video

Mon Nov 16 2020

Cliff Savage drops new single Raw Deposits and an official music video. He displays an idiosyncratic flow that is unique and sure to land him on the rap radar of up-and-coming talented rap artists. The Long Beach native hip-hop artist goes in hard with motivational lyrics to stir up a hunger to succeed financially. The beat compliments […]

Luke De-Sciscio Presents The Video For I Gave You All My Love

Tue Nov 10 2020

Luke De-Sciscio presents the official music video for the stunning new single I Gave You All My Love. The track encapsulates an impression of beauty that surrounds us even amid uncertainty, mirroring a feeling quite familiar to the human heart. The delicate and measured vocals from Luke De-Sciscio settle intimately into the gentle disposition of […]

Dax Drops The Official Music Video For GOTHAM

Thu Nov 05 2020

Dax drops the official music video for GOTHAM. He goes deeper and darker than he has done previously. With courage, a determined and conscious undertone, Dax exorcises the demons he harbors deep in his mind. Something we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Similar to Batman with a flair for the […]

Virginia To Vegas and Mokita Present The Music Video For Flyby.

Thu Nov 05 2020

Virginia To Vegas and Mokita present the music video for flyby. The song is wistful, and yet it flourishes with feelings of warmth. Even in the face of the subject matter, the song has an appeal that keeps you listening. The infectious melody has a large part to play, including the warm vocals from Virginia […]

Neon Dreams Bring The House Party

Thu Nov 05 2020

Neon Dreams, the rap-pop duo who you should have on your radar, are set to explode onto the screen with their latest single House Party (in advance of their album The Happiness of Tomorrow, coming soon). House Party is an honest and philosophical outlook on life and connection (or lack thereof), explored through the lens […]

Imagination By Juniper Vale Is The Perfect Escapism

Thu Nov 05 2020

Juniper Vale’s new single Imagination is the perfect escapism from the turmoils of the world. Crystalline vocals and luxurious strings strike a chord with all your emotions. Sarah Jane Wood is the Nashville based musician who encompasses multimedia project, Juniper Vale. The project combines EDM Banjo music with art to form an immersive experience. Imagination […]

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