Drift Into The Carefree Neo-Soul Vibes Of Rinse At 30 From Yaz León

Sat Sep 19 2020

Drift into the carefree neo-soul vibes of Rinse at 30 from Yaz León. The emerging artist’s new single features sunny flourishes and imbues a soothing feeling but the subject matter is a little deeper than that with cynical lyrics. The song rotates around a lot of ideas like issues with youth identity and familial racial…

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townsend Releases The Emotive Another Life

Fri Sep 11 2020

Nashville has a new, Country-esque music artist, which the world has to pay attention to, after listening to his new single Another Life. Introducing Acoustic Pop singer townsend who delivers a similar, deep, and smooth tone in the beautifully composed verse sections. This captivating vocalist delves into the realm of Ryan Cabrera when reaching his…

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Dip Into The Lush Sounds Of New Ground With Bela Pierce

Wed Sep 09 2020

Dip into the lush sounds of New Ground with Bela Pierce. She takes you on a discovery journey of sweet and vibrant tones. Every aspect of New Ground shines with innate qualities. The mystifying sounds that serve as a backdrop for the exquisite and scintillating vocals from Bela prelude an intoxicating atmosphere. The song gently…

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Desmond Myers’ Chinatown Hooks You With Its Sultry Groove

Thu Sep 03 2020

Chinatown hooks you with its sultry groove and Desmond Myers provides the swagger. This hazy slow-jam is filled with funk and loose-limbed, nostalgic R&B. With flashes of psychedelic flourishes and studded hooks, Chinatown simmers and hypnotizes. Desmond Myers is an American singer-songwriter from Statesville, North Carolina who lives and works in Paris, France. He will capture…

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JÆGER Releases Quirky Song You Fucking Coward

Thu Sep 03 2020

JÆGER has released the quirky song You Fucking Coward that contrasts lyrics filled with angst with a sweet melody, sugary vocals, and background noises of shouting and glass breaking. Believe me, it works. It’s pretty obvious what the song is about. JÆGER has been in a relationship with someone who has treated her badly and…

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The Transitional Qualities Of Joy By Redd

Thu Aug 27 2020

The transitional qualities of Joy on the new single by Redd amid throes of loss are very relatable. After life-altering moments such as loss, people often feel like life cannot go on, but it does. There can be light at the end of the tunnel. Redd takes us on this journey of discovery using lush…

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JUICYPEAR’s Golden Sky Is Summer Encapsulated

Sat Aug 22 2020

JUICYPEAR doesn’t know the meaning of sugar-free with their new single Golden Sky. It is a deliciously sweet song and one hit takes you rocketing to the clouds on a sugar high. With a funky, disco rhythm, syrup vocals, and lyrics about traveling in style, living in a dream, and basically loving life with the…

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