Enter The World Of LXVI With WOAH

by Marcus Adetola

7th May, 2020

Enter The World Of LXVI With WOAH
Enter The World Of LXVI With WOAH
“Fall in love with the fame. Then the next day they gone”

Enter the world of LXVI with WOAH, as he narrates the ramifications of fame in a relationship while keeping us entertained. On a bumping beat and catchy strings LXVI delivers a hard-hitting and memorable flow. With subtle aggressiveness in his vocals, he lyrically details the negative attributes of his experience.

Woah, I think I’m losing control
Cause all these hoes just want my money
Ain’t got nothing to show
Broke sometimes I miss being broke
Cause life is better when these bitches
Would just leave me alone

However, his flow and delivery make the song into a positive bop. And no matter how subjective the point can be, he makes his narrative believable. Famous or not, listeners will find the track relatable. WOAH has all the qualities to make it into a breakup anthem.

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