Closure, by Lisa Heller, is a mournful adagio

Closure, by Lisa Heller, is a mournful adagio, rich with riveting somber and melancholic qualities. It is the third single off her debut EP, The Lisa Heller Project. On Closure, all Lisa requires is the mournful piano and her voice as she narrates her dilemma, unsure whether to leave or remain in a relationship. Her crystal clear voice inhabits the spaces in the slow and sparsely played keys of the piano as she reflects on the past.

I need to clear my head
I think I’m losing it
Know you’re no good
Been here before
Just makes me want you more

The lyrics carry an intense feeling of sadness and confusion, matching the theme of the song, drawing the listener in with every rise and fall of Lisa’s vocals. Lisa Heller delivers a stellar performance on Closure, having all the raw emotional qualities in her voice to make the song believable and highly-listenable.

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