Inject summer into your day with Tingz by AmmyInject summer into your day with Tingz by Ammy. Featuring some tropical tones, a languorous groove and vibrant vocals this song is what we all need in our lives right now.

Tingz is not just a melodic jam perfect for dancing around your living room too or blasting out of car windows, but it’s a reassurance we need to believe in ourselves. If you’re not feeling your best, not feeling confident in your skills then let this song wash over you and make you realise you are amazing and can focus on the things you do well. It’s empowerment at its best.

The riffs at the beginning of the song mislead you into thinking it’s going to take a different stance, but Tingz is a glorious fusion of Afro-pop and languid R&B injected with tropical accents.

Turn this dancefloor-friendly number up loud and shout from the rooftops, “all of the Tingz I do, I do, I do well!

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