REECE Airs An Ex With K.REECE’s mellifluous flow and vocals on K. will leave you wanting more. The guitar licks set the perfect introduction to K. as REECE takes you through a step by step breakdown of a relationship with an ex.

His vocals interweave with the instrumentals flirtatiously and it makes the song resonate even deeper.

I’m calling your bluff
You’re only missing me cause I’m not in your bed
Know what you’re about
No I’m not gonna be your toy
Now you actin out
Yeah, Is this all part of some ploy
Cause I’ve had enough
And you’re pressed because I’m stuck inside your head

K. is a mellow R&B / Pop song that is brought to life by charismatic vocals, as well as the simplicity of the guitar and rhythmic backbeat. There is a youthful allure to the song which makes it hard to forget.

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