Taylor Piggott Drops Raincoat (Midnight Version) Ft. Rachel Costanzo

Thu Sep 03 2020

Taylor Piggott drops Raincoat (Midnight Version) Ft. Rachel Costanzo. And both artists exceed themselves taking the song to another level. The emotions within the song flow with an intensity that is domineering. The acoustic setting adds to the somber mood of Raincoat, reflecting a new depth to the poignant lyrics. Raincoat encapsulates the feeling of […]

Premiere: Sink Into The Melodious Tones Of Andi Galusha

Thu Aug 13 2020

Sink into the melodious tones of Andi Galusha and her poignant new single Mama Gonna Tell. The piano-driven pop ballad is infused with emotion and a melancholic undertone. The Northern Californian artist wrote the song with Thorald and Isaac Koren (Fransansisco/BRÅVES/The Kin). It is an intimate track with relatable lyrics as Andi sings to her […]

Nightshift x Quiggle’s Butterflies (Acoustic) Envelops You In Euphoria

Mon May 11 2020

Can you feel it? All the butterflies Nightshift’s Butterflies (Acoustic) immediately envelops you in a euphoric feeling with its emotive piano and compelling vocals. The brother duo Nightshift releases the acoustic version of their debut Butterflies featuring the multi-talented  Quiggle. Butterflies describes the feeling of being in a bubble of love which you can find […]

Mason Holiday Takes Us On A Soulful Spin One More Time

Sun Apr 05 2020

Mason Holiday takes us on a soulful spin One More Time. The acoustic guitar, bass, and softly-brushed drums are the perfect accompaniments, as the well-spaced strings whirl around Mason’s soft and delicate vocals. He manages to stop time during the performance. One More Time is not overbearing, letting the emotion trickle in droplets. The piano […]

Closure By Lisa Heller Is A Mournful Adagio

Mon Mar 23 2020

Closure, by Lisa Heller, is a mournful adagio, rich with riveting somber and melancholic qualities. It is the third single off her debut EP, The Lisa Heller Project. On Closure, all Lisa requires is the mournful piano and her voice as she narrates her dilemma, unsure whether to leave or remain in a relationship. Her […]

Premiere: Aphrah Releases Her Stunning Debut ‘Northern Lights’

Thu Jun 20 2019

“where you are, I’m always with you by your side.” We all wish we could freeze-frame moments in our life and Aphrah’s debut single ‘Northern Lights’ is about just that – capturing a moment in time. “We ran together chasing colours in the sky, at night we held on to that moment for a while, […]

Video Premiere: The Naked Eye’s Stunning Live Session Of ‘Tell Me’

Tue Apr 02 2019

The Naked Eye unveils a stunning live session of her recent single ‘Tell Me’ taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Love’s Grave’. The French-English singer-songwriter will be releasing her next single  ‘See You Later’ this Friday, April 5th, also from the EP and featuring Marie Dahlstrom who is part of the same female collective HER SONGS […]

Video Premiere: ‘HURT’ By Nate Simpson

Fri Mar 29 2019

From the first note, you are drawn into this simply stunning new song ‘HURT’ by Nate Simpson. The visuals are beautifully simple and let the song shine. His limber, velvet soft vocals soar above the soulful piano melody and achingly vulnerable lyrics are written all over his facial expressions – he feels every word. It’s […]

Peter and Kerry Explore Their Emotions In Heartfelt New Single

Fri Feb 08 2019

This beautiful new song from Peter and Kerry really tugs at your heartstrings and having been fortunate to hear a preview before the release date, it’s been on my mind all week. With a gentle yearning and soft vulnerability ‘They Know God (But I Know You)’, is a piano-led ballad about the strength given and […]

Get To Know Delena In An Exclusive Interview

Fri Jan 25 2019

From watching Lady Gaga in her flamboyant costumes to listening to Mark Ronson’s award-winning album, it’s clear that Delena has had some pretty big idols in her life, and she’s on her way to be just like them. Music and art have always been in Delena’s blood. She was born in Kiev, schooled in Switzerland […]

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