Get To Know Delena In An Exclusive Interview

by Jade Dadalica

25th January, 2019

From watching Lady Gaga in her flamboyant costumes to listening to Mark Ronson’s award-winning album, it’s clear that Delena has had some pretty big idols in her life, and she’s on her way to be just like them. Music and art have always been in Delena’s blood. She was born in Kiev, schooled in Switzerland and attended the London Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. Moving to London was a new lease of life for Delena, who’s sassy style of pop is refreshing for those who set their eyes and ears on it.

Following stunning singles ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’ and ‘Animal’, Delena begins the new year with the piano-driven ballad ‘Holy Ground’ which grabs you until the first note and doesn’t let go. It also switches up Delena’s pop emulated style from her previous releases. Steeped in passion, she wears her influences such as Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald on her sleeve in ‘Holy Ground’ and listeners will be drawn in by her emotive, soaring vocals.

We caught up with Delena prior to her new single ‘Holy Ground’ and upcoming EP release in February.

Can you explain the inspiration behind ‘Holy Ground’?
I wanted to write a song which could symbolize inner peace and harmony. I wanted a prayer to the soul. We have this amazing kind of singing in our churches in Ukraine. I was inspired by the feeling that this gives you and how it helps you overcome great sorrow when you are deeply troubled.

What kind of things inspire you to write? Is there a certain room, memory or place that helps you write?
No, not really. I get ideas all over the place. My experiences of life as an outsider which I feel have helped me to write. I know how it feels to be an immigrant and the struggle to be accepted when you are far away from family and home.

Your previous stage name was ‘Boba K’. Why did you change your name to Delena?
A lot of good things are connected to Boba K and I had some good reactions to my singles and remixes. Of course, most of them are amazing memories of how Boba K actually became my stage name! But I was at a point in my life where I needed a fresh start from a clean page So I decided to use my real name just with an extra letter “D” Delena!
I felt that the name Delena is more suited to the music I am now making and how I am now. It’s more real and I’m not hiding behind a made up name anymore. This is the real me.

What do you enjoy doing outside making music?
I love spending time with family! I also love to cook and to travel!

What can we expect to see from your EP next month?
I would say you would be able to see and get to know Delena and maybe you’ll be surprised by the variety of styles considering my pop origins.

What song would you most like to cover?
I would like to cover Lauren Jauregui-Expectations

What lyrics, written by you or otherwise, have really resonated with you?
Hmm, don’t know about that one. Maybe something in Ukrainian which I won’t translate!

Which artists and songwriters do you admire?
I would say Lady Gaga! And Mark Ronson!

What movie or TV series would you love for ‘Holy Ground’ to be played in?
Ooh, hard one for me as I don’t watch much tv but some really emotional moment would be cool.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I love a night in!))

Your favourite up and coming artist is?
Kali Uchis, Gary Clark Jr., Alice Chater

What plans do you have for 2019?
I am getting ready to put out my first album! So I’ll be writing a few more songs rehearsing for performing live! And creating more new music. Maybe a bit more travelling if I can fit it in.

Delena is a young singer-songwriter who is sassy, beautiful, and has her own twist on what we all know as ‘pop music’. She is someone you need to add to your playlist this year.

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