Drea Releases Stunning Song Indica

by Lucy Lerner

29th October, 2020

Drea’s song Indica is steeped in nostalgia as the rippling piano reminds you of the water. And that was Drea’s intention as she wanted to create a project from memories of childhood summers on the shores of Cape Cod.

Drea says of the ocean, “It makes me feel overwhelmingly calm, grounded, and reminds me of my truest self. My goal for this project was to evoke that same feeling for anyone who listened.

Beautiful vocals wash over you like waves and delicate instrumentals create a sense of calm. Drea has really hit the spot with this sweet song soaked with nostalgic R&B. The music video for Indica evokes a feeling of serenity and beauty. Indica is part of Drea’s debut EP Ocean Avenue.

In Indica, I use substances to explain a relationship I was experiencing. Indica is a strain that makes us feel mellow, relaxed, pensive, sedated. Lyrically, it is written about two people who may love each other, but are just too different to be compatible. A fleeting relationship “savor your kiss like sand, running through my fingertips.” – Drea

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