Premiere – Duka’s Broken Is Like A Ray Of Sunshine

by Lucy Lerner

12th October, 2020

Introducing Duka and his new single and music video Broken which is like a ray of sunshine to the eyes and ears. On the surface, the song portrays a happy-go-lucky feeling with smooth vocals, bouncy beat and upbeat instrumentals. The visuals reflect this feeling with a couple seemingly happy and in love, enjoying intimate time together but darker thoughts are underlying the surface. Broken is about a fear of commitment and the couple which were once laughing and affectionate soon look sad and scared, “I don’t think I’m ready for the real thing.”

Duka is a singer-songwriter, and producer from the North side of Atlanta. He says his fears of a committed relationship stem back to his father’s lack of presence. Sadly, his father died a few days after Broken was written. Duka decided to keep the song brief to “preserve that moment in time when he was still here.”

Broken contains a lot of various elements theme and genre wise and Duka’s passion is evident in his tone. It is an honest and relatable song told in a sonically and visually appealing way. We wonder what musical direction Duka will take next?

“I would just say to anyone listening, let the song be a reminder to let yourself feel everything. The greatest benefit of self-accountability is finding out that no one’s ever all the right or all the way wrong. We’re all a mess.” – Duka

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