Premiere – Exxy Takes Dark Pop To Another Level In Horror Film

by Lucy Lerner

23th October, 2020

Just in time for Halloween, Exxy unveils her latest dark pop release horror film. The multi-talented artist directed, edited, and coloured the visuals herself wanting to portray a “dark twisted nature” during the spooky season.

It started out romantically
A storyline just like a dream
Then, the plot twisted tragically
It became a horror film

Born from a broken keyboard in a dim room lit by candles, horror film displays Exxy’s sweet, airy vocals layered over a deep, bruised trap beat. The visuals draw you into Exxy’s mind as she portrays an ideal relationship that soon takes a turn for the worst, “aka Tarantino level chaotic.” With intriguing and scary touches, the visuals are like a scene from American Horror Story.

“I had fun putting the morbid lyrics over an upbeat, rather happy sounding tune. The juxtaposition feels a little sadistic to me… I wanted the video to have the same quality – fun cheeky moments intertwined with dark haunting imagery”. – Exxy

You can tell Exxy has relished every moment of creating horror film and proved what an all-around talent she is, particularly shooting during quarantine. The music video was shot by Evan Blum and features Stephen Rodondi as the killer.

Exxy continues to be an exciting force in the music industry with her artistic vision, dark pop sound, and captivating style.

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