Neon Dreams Bring The House Party

by neonmusic

5th November, 2020

Neon Dreams, the rap-pop duo who you should have on your radar, are set to explode onto the screen with their latest single House Party (in advance of their album The Happiness of Tomorrow, coming soon).

House Party is an honest and philosophical outlook on life and connection (or lack thereof), explored through the lens of frontman Kadillac’s experiences of partying as an adolescent. It’s a song that manages to walk the line between melancholy and joy and is sure to appeal to their Gen Z target audience.

The song is suitably anthemic, smacking of Imagine Dragons, but with the emotion and tongue-in-cheek darkness of YUNGBLUD. Overall, it’s a track which is infectious upon first listen, relatable in lyrical content, yet unique in its execution.

Musically-speaking, the track sounds bittersweet, as if Kadillac is watching his youth pass him by and wondering at the progress he still feels as though he has yet to make. It simultaneously relishes in the innocence and euphoria of youth, encapsulated in the setting of a house party. Pop, rap, hip-hop and vaporwave tendencies all come together in this track, which places Neon Dreams at the forefront of a generation, a voice for the outliers, and the discontented.

Neon Dreams have certainly proven themselves ones to watch with this release.

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