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Dip Into The Nostalgic Feel Of Crybaby From Emi Wes

Thu Nov 05 2020

Dip into the nostalgic feel of Crybaby from up and comer Emi Wes. With sugary vocals and sweeping strings, Crybaby has a soulful feel which is minimal at first but soon hits the spot with its many layers. Emi’s mournful vocals weave around a dramatic orchestral arrangement and leave you craving more. A pulsing R&B […]

Cliff Drive By The Sunshine State Is Packed With Punch And Nostalgia

Thu Nov 05 2020

Cliff Drive by The Sunshine State exudes fun, youth, and freedom – couldn’t we all do with some of that right now? Projecting a beam of golden warmth, Cliff Drive is packed with punch and nostalgia. From the hazy guitars, dreamy vocals, and lush production it feels like basking in the sunshine.  The Sunshine State […]

Reminisce With Color Fields And Their New Single Pendulum

Fri Sep 04 2020

Color Fields has released their gorgeous new single Pendulum with a nostalgic black and white music video alongside. The song is about the many phases and facets of love and despite a melancholic undertone, the chorus is pure euphoria. The change in tempo reflects the pendulum which swings back and forth from love to anger, […]

Live In A Dream Within A Dream With Lucid By Stef

Sat Jun 06 2020

Live in a dream within a dream with Lucid by Stef. The song features a captivating kaleidoscope of pleasant sounds. And Stef’s delivery on the track is stunning, as she commands the right amount of emotions with her vocals. It perfectly melds into the instrumentals, making it hard to separate the two. The melody is […]

Sam Way’s Made of Clay Is A Moving Anthem For Our Times

Thu Apr 16 2020

Sam Way’s Made of Clay is a moving anthem for our times. He sticks to his tried and tested formula of layering atmospheric instrumentals with gentle, natural vocals. Sam’s song themes are about life and love and in this instance, feeling lost and searching for light and the way back home. How much can we […]

A Tale Of Love & Loss In Alessandro Ciminata’s ‘Signs’

Thu Oct 10 2019

“Gimme a sign that you’re still mine” Indie-pop sensation Alessandro Ciminata releases his new single ‘Signs’ via Yada Yada Records. It’s his second single this year and touches on loss and love and despite its fairly upbeat tone, contains poignant lyrics that tug on the heartstrings. “The ghost of you keeps my heart alive, Your […]

A Slice Of Pop Paradise From Alice Gray

Fri Sep 06 2019

“It’s an honesty portrayal of love and life.“ Hailing from San Diego, Indie-pop artist Alice Gray releases her debut EP ‘Paradise?’ today which features 3 previously released tracks ‘Take Me To The Water’, ‘Hell With You’ And ‘Indigo’ as well as two new songs called ‘Paradise’ and ‘Stolen Gold’. The EP’s production is filled with […]

Notelle Releases Edgy New Single ‘Beyond The Grave’

Mon Sep 02 2019

Notelle is without a doubt “the new Skylar Grey” and here are the reasons why. With her soft, ghostly vocal performance over an industrial-sounding, synth-pop composition, you will instantly be captivated by the new Indie artist’s fearless and edgy experimentation. Bearing in mind, this type of production is somewhat unexpected when ‘BeyondThe Grave’ opens with […]

Indie-Pop Trio You to Me Releases ‘Just Say Something!’

Mon Jul 29 2019

‘Just Say Something!’ is the latest synth-pop track from indie-pop trio, You To Me released via Distrokid. Their sound is dreamy whilst using guitars and glistening ’80s-style synths and you can hear the band’s influences from The 1975, LANY to Oh Wonder. Despite its fun sound, the Palm Beach collective wrote the personal lyrics with […]

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