Sam Way’s Made of Clay Is A Moving Anthem For Our Times

by Lucy Lerner

16th April, 2020

Sam Way’s Made of Clay is a moving anthem for our times. He sticks to his tried and tested formula of layering atmospheric instrumentals with gentle, natural vocals. Sam’s song themes are about life and love and in this instance, feeling lost and searching for light and the way back home.

How much can we take of this?

Starting as a simple piano-driven ballad, Made of Clay soon introduces soaring strings and orchestral layers that pack an emotional punch. It will resonate with anyone who feels like they don’t know which direction their life is going, especially during these turbulent times. We’re all feeling a little lost and looking for guidance and hope. Sam Way provides that with his authentic, intimate music which portrays creativity and vulnerability.

You show all that I am
A figure made of clay
Give me some shape

We look forward to more singles and an album later this year from Sam Way.

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