Notelle Releases Edgy New Single ‘Beyond The Grave’

by Terry Guy

2th September, 2019

Notelle is without a doubt “the new Skylar Grey” and here are the reasons why. With her soft, ghostly vocal performance over an industrial-sounding, synth-pop composition, you will instantly be captivated by the new Indie artist’s fearless and edgy experimentation.

Bearing in mind, this type of production is somewhat unexpected when ‘BeyondThe Grave’ opens with Notelle’s haunting voice (very reminiscent of Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee) over a dark, piano-driven ballad format. However, the track soon enough becomes a demented Dance track which excites you so much that it easily places Notelle alongside the new wave of industrial, pop rock acts taking over the charts, such as Billie Eilish and The 1975. ‘Beyond The Grave’s’ main hook throws synths into the equation, usually associated with Dub-Step and Drumstep. This is very reminiscent of the critically acclaimed Electro band Knife Party, specifically their 2012 track ‘Bonfire’ and will ultimately drive you insane, craving a full-length album from the multi-talented Notelle.

Considering the contrast between the song’s opening verse and its memorable chorus, we are left wondering if the singer andsongwriter is playing the part of the Angel or the Devil on ‘Beyond The Grave.’

Notelle is one of 2019’s most interesting music acts by far and we highly recommend that all listeners embrace her freakiness.

Find out more about Notelle and check out the new single ‘Beyond The Grave,’ out now.

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