Coming Home By Michael Lane Is A Haven For The Restless

Thu Sep 17 2020

Coming Home by Michael Lane is a haven for the restless. It’s the latest single from the ex-soldier turned music artist. Gentle sounds bathe you like a warm summer breeze as the acoustics invitingly draw you in. The calming vocals from Michael weave onto the instrumentals flowing with charm as he sings. Coming Home embodies…

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Maisie Peter’s Sad Girl Summer Is Moreish Folk Pop

Wed Jul 08 2020

Maisie Peter’s new single Sad Girl Summer is a moreish slice of summery folk guitar pop. The 18-year-old British singer-songwriter tells s a good story about letting go of things with playful lyrics and a seriously catchy melody. It’s another sad girl summer Flowers on the side of the road Traveling beside each other No…

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The Nostalgic Tales Of Kaeley Jade On Bittersweet

Sun May 24 2020

The Nostalgic tales of Kaeley Jade on Bittersweet are unforgettable as she takes us down memory lane. It’s remarkable how some songs make us remember everything. Bittersweet is one of those songs, a blissful blend of pop and folk elements that shimmer with nostalgia. The guitar acoustics on Bittersweet with Kaeley’s wistful velvety vocals evoke…

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Benjamin Marshall Keeps Good Company Alone out at Sea

Sun May 17 2020

Benjamin Marshall keeps good company Alone out at Sea with his voice and mesmerizing sounds. The piano and the violin create an atmosphere of melancholy before Benjamin lifts the emotions with his guitar. Alone out at Sea is a confession of sorts to the need to have someone you connect to emotionally. A difficult situation…

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Delve Into The mystery Of Where Is Home By Rich Jacques

Sun May 17 2020

  Delve into the mystery of Where Is Home by Rich Jacques, as he takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Rich vocally engages you with a pop disposition with folk-like qualities on Where Is Home. He sings in a soft and melodious voice on the pleasant-sounding instrumentals. It makes it easy to reside in…

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Brooks Dixon’s Universal Message Is You’re Not In This Alone

Wed Apr 15 2020

Brooks Dixon has deep-rooted foundations of folk-pop sounds and has masterfully released his new single, Not in this Alone from a locked-down America. He wanted to write a song with a universal message that has never been more prevalent than right now, from America to Italy and everywhere in between; you’re not in this alone….

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‘Change’ Is Coming This Way For BAILEY

Thu Jul 26 2018

BAILEY is back with his latest track ‘Change’ and boy will it make you feel good. Sweet, tender with an anthemic chorus and uplifting harmonies the talented singer-songwriter describes his music as ‘elevating pop’. When BAILEY started writing he envisioned his music to be played in a band, but it ended up being a solo…

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