Maisie Peter’s Sad Girl Summer Is Moreish Folk Pop

by Lucy Lerner

8th July, 2020

Maisie Peter’s new single Sad Girl Summer is a moreish slice of summery folk guitar pop. The 18-year-old British singer-songwriter tells s a good story about letting go of things with playful lyrics and a seriously catchy melody.

It’s another sad girl summer
Flowers on the side of the road
Traveling beside each other
No one has to dance on their own, oh-oh, so
Take my hand and lose his number
You don’t have to have another
Sad girl summer
Raise your glass, let it go

Maisie Peters encourages us to celebrate the people in our lives who are important and to let go of the ones who are not. For a song with the name sad in the title, it is upbeat with a lively melody and snappy guitar acoustics. The music video relays the playful feel visually with Maisie and her friends larking about at home, putting on face masks, and slurping noodles.

So celebrate life – you don’t have to have another sad girl summer.

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