Brooks Dixon's Universal Message Is You're Not In This AloneBrooks Dixon has deep-rooted foundations of folk-pop sounds and has masterfully released his new single, Not in this Alone from a locked-down America. He wanted to write a song with a universal message that has never been more prevalent than right now, from America to Italy and everywhere in between; you’re not in this alone.

Home might feel like the last place you want to be,
Something’s missing out, out on these empty streets,
And a little bit of hope seems to be, out of reach,
But, you’re not in this alone

This track is the epitome of simple, acoustic folk at its best. Not in this Alone is sweet and joyful, a real feel-good tune for anyone who is feeling anxious during these uncertain times. “It’s a song of hope for whoever might need it.”

To write and record a track A: in lockdown and B: in a matter of days is an example of how talented Brooks Dixon is. The singer-songwriter from South Carolina has smooth and rich vocal tones which beautifully compliments his acoustic guitar playing.

Recorded in quarantine at my home studio and mixed and mastered professionally. If I could give the world words of comfort in these times, they would be that we are “Not in this Alone. It’s a simple message, but I wrote it for this time and place because it felt like what I needed to do. – Brooks Dixon

Listen if you’re a fan of Passenger, Ben Howard, and Vance Joy and for more from Brooks Dixon, check out his 5-piece band, The Brooks Dixon Band.