Benjamin Marshall Keeps Good Company Alone out at Sea

by Marcus Adetola

17th May, 2020

Benjamin Marshall keeps good company Alone out at Sea with his voice and mesmerizing sounds. The piano and the violin create an atmosphere of melancholy before Benjamin lifts the emotions with his guitar. Alone out at Sea is a confession of sorts to the need to have someone you connect to emotionally. A difficult situation to circumvent, especially in the world today.

It’s ironic Benjamin penned this song before the global lockdown, but it couldn’t be more relevant right now.

This is a song I hope to eventually release…figured now was a great time to release it…since many of us are in our homes, alone. This applies to me. Although I wrote this months before this pandemic, it serves as a reminder of how much we need each other. And we need love. – Benjamin Marshall

Although the song has sad connotations, it does not feel that way. It’s rather uplifting and a delightful company to keep.

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