Interview With Isaac B

Tue May 12 2020

Why oh why we let our dreams die? Isaac B releases the angelic Love Yourz. Opening with peaceful strings and emotive piano on a dreamy loop it is a soulful track. Isaac B’s fluid flow is a celebration of life, music and what drives him, but we also learn about him as an artist. The […]

Life In Lockdown – Interview With Aspen Martin

Tue May 05 2020

Aspen Martin draws you into the heart of his new project via the first track I H8U. With velvety vocals, and beautifully blurred R&B and rap, it is the perfect introduction to new EP Everything Or Nothing. The 6 tracks continue in the same vein with moreish R&B peppered with memorable hooks, honest lyrics, and […]

Exclusive Interview With Dionne Bromfield

Wed Mar 18 2020

After an epic 9-year hiatus, Dionne Bromfield is back with her latest release Bad Intentions, and Neon Music in an exclusive interview caught up with her to discuss her comeback. Bad Intentions is a sexually-charged song featuring a smooth melody and Dionne’s feisty fusion of R&B and pop. I got bad intentions and you got […]

Music Premiere: ‘Tendency’ By ZEMBU

Fri Feb 14 2020

My first thought when hearing the latest single ‘Tendency’ by indie-pop-electronic producer and vocalist ZEMBU was, it makes me feel alive. There is something in the warmth and airiness of the song that takes you to a place where the sun is shining down on your face and you feel calm and free. Isn’t music […]

Premiere: Olivia Henry Returns With Stunning New Single & Album

Mon Feb 10 2020

“You are so beautiful” LA-based singer-songwriter Olivia Henry releases her seductive single ‘Beautiful’ taken from her new album ‘Expectations’ both released today. Henry has an appealing style that conjures up vintage jazz singers with a contemporary twist. She is not a one-trick-pony – ‘Expectations’ contains 8 tracks merging upbeat bouncy numbers with sumptuous piano ballads […]

Exclusive Interview With Bishop Briggs

Thu Jan 23 2020

Bishop Briggs proved how multi-talented she is by hitting us hard with her debut album ‘Church Of Scars’ back in 2018, a fusion of Trap, Alternative Pop and Folk-influenced songs. Earlier singles ‘Wild Horses,’ ‘White Flag,’ and ‘River’. Since emerging in 2017, Bishop Briggs has one and a half billion cumulative streams and earned a […]

R&B Queen Teenear Creates Exclusive ‘Workout’ Playlist

Fri Nov 22 2019

“I chose these songs because they make me feel like a boss and when I’m working out I like to feel like I already am what I’m working towards. It motivates me” R&B Sensation Teenear has put together an exclusive workout playlist of her favourite, motivational R&B and hip-hop tracks to get her moving. Hopefully, […]

Interview With Noah Slee Following The Flamboyant ‘Do That’

Tue Oct 22 2019

“‘Do That’ is a reminder to myself to be unapologetic and live my life” Noah Slee and Fhat are 100% throwing some of the most flamboyant and energetic music out there right now via their new collaborative track ‘Do That’. It showcases a masterfully performed riff on the electric guitar, full of the utmost slickness, […]

Premiere: ‘Fairytale’ By Effie

Fri Oct 18 2019

“This ain’t no f*cking fairytale….” NME’s Emerging Artist 2018, Effie, returns with her latest single ‘Fairytale’ out today. It’s a dreamy R&B affair with sultry tones and syncopated lines with a melody which glides along smoothly.  The London-based singer-songwriter delivers a song about mistrust and cruel intentions packaged with sugary vocals. She comments on ‘Fairytale’,  “You […]

Get Your Dancing Shoes On For One-Time-Only Event – eLectronic Singularity

Thu Oct 17 2019

November 15th is a date you should save in your diary and eLectronic singularity is the event you need to go to. It’s an exclusive, one-time-only event featuring live music in the heart of London from international artists Northern Kind (England), Future Perfect (Wales) and Johan Baeckström (Sweden). It will be a melting pot of […]

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