IfeFinch Gives An Exclusive Insight Into New EP ‘Big Finch, Big Becky’

by Jade Dadalica

14th June, 2019

IfeFinchs’s new EP ‘Big Finch, Big Becky’, is a big step for his music career. The British rapper makes his work sound effortless, having a natural flowing nature to his style.

‘Big Finch, Big Becky’ lets the listener in on IfeFinch’s life as he takes you through, covering a diverse range of emotions/feelings both musically and lyrically. IfeFinch exclusively takes Neon Music through each track on his new EP.

The first track  ‘Deeper’ goes off hard, sounding like the young artist is performing on ‘fire in the booth’ with Charlie Sloth, something I’m sure he will be on one day.

IF: “‘Deeper’ – In this song, I was in the studio with the producer Ykkub at my home. We were at the studio for the whole. Around 7 pm, I was tired and wanted to call it a day. Then Ykkub played the beat for ‘Deeper’ and I quickly stood up and told him to bounce that so I can record on it. Hearing the instrumental gave me a different type of energy. I freestyled the whole song.

‘The Bigger Bag’ sounds like a track off the Migos album, with the tempo increasing. The delivery, flow and confidence coming through his voice make you not want to mess with IfeFinch, as he knows that ‘the bigger the bag’ the bigger the problems. Unfortunately for him, with an addictive, Hip-Hop EP under his name, he might need to get ready to face those problems soon!

IF: “‘The Bigger Bag’ (featuring Cardo) – My boys told me about Cardo and told me that I should work with him. I told them they should hook it up and they brought both of us to a studio where we first met on the 1st of January 2019. I played him the instrumental (which I produced) and he was feeling it straight away. He told me to pull up the beat and he freestyled the chorus and his verse in 1 or 2 takes. I then recorded my verse. I added some more vocals on the song in my own studio like a month later. The session Cardo and I had was a 12-hour long session. We have other tracks together. He’s a really good artist.

IF: “‘NH Interlude’ – This is an interlude that samples an old interview from Nipsey Hussle. This is one of my favourite interviews from him because it was so real. After his death, I wanted him to be part of the project because of how much he has inspired me throughout my whole life. I started listening to Nipsey when I was 8 years old.”

‘Victoria’s Sponge’ makes me move immediately, giving me a Jhus/Dave kind of vibe. IfeFinch pulled out all genres for this track, with a mix of dancehall, Afrobeats, R&B, and hip-hop, there’s no hiding that this young rapper is talented.

IF: “‘Victoria’s Sponge’ – This is the most meaningful song on the EP for me. This is because of how real it was for me to record and come up with the whole concept of the song. I was chilling at my studio one night, and I was bored so I decided to make an instrumental. When I finished making the instrumental, it sounded a bit like a drill instrumental. I wanted to go on it and do something different. The context of the song itself lyric wise touches on the idea that money is not everything. We as humans often believe that money will make you happy and feel like the man. But honestly, the truth is that money is only a means to an end and the real achievement in life is to motivate and inspire the next generation to do bigger and greater things that the greatness you have done and still are doing; just like Nipsey Hussle did.”

‘Big Finch, Big Becky’ features a smoothed out hip-hop atmosphere, while also diving into rap, R&B and dancehall styled tracks. There’s a song for everyone.

Read our interview with IfeFinch.

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