Alessandro Ciminata

Alessandro Ciminata Releases Romantic New Love Song ‘Lovers’

Wed Feb 12 2020

“Getting lost in someone else’s eyes for 10 seconds in the middle of nowhere is so much better than trying to organize the perfect date.” Alessandro Ciminata shows his tender side with piano ballad ‘Lovers’….just in time for Valentine’s Day. No stranger to showing emotion Ciminata tends to release music with dynamic electronic flourishes and […]

A Tale Of Love & Loss In Alessandro Ciminata’s ‘Signs’

Thu Oct 10 2019

“Gimme a sign that you’re still mine” Indie-pop sensation Alessandro Ciminata releases his new single ‘Signs’ via Yada Yada Records. It’s his second single this year and touches on loss and love and despite its fairly upbeat tone, contains poignant lyrics that tug on the heartstrings. “The ghost of you keeps my heart alive, Your […]

Interview With Alessandro Ciminata

Fri Oct 12 2018

Alessandro Ciminata has released many standout singles over the past year including ‘Last Call’, ‘Demons’, ‘Loved Locked Out’ and ‘Flashing Lights’. The London-based singer-songwriter, known for his aching electronica, is back with  his latest single ‘It’s You Or It’s Nothing‘, “a brilliantly rich tapestry of intimate aural bliss.” Alessandro chats to Neon Music about his […]

A New Year & Single From Alessandro Ciminata With ‘Love Locked Out’

Fri Jan 12 2018

Alessandro Ciminata smashes his way into 2018 with his new single ‘Love Locked Out’. The song continues the theme of sparse electronica with heartfelt vocals and lyrics the singer-songwriter brought to the scene last year with critically acclaimed releases ‘Last Call’ and ‘Demons’. Alessandro Ciminata describes ‘Love Locked Out’ as a metaphor. “It means you […]

Alessandro Ciminata & MALKA Gig Review

Sat Nov 18 2017

Alessandro Ciminata is one of those artists capable of pouring deep, powerful lyrics into his work but steers away from the generic arrangements of the romantic, genre pool of singer-songwriters. Matched with rounds of dark, passionate guitar, Alessandro performed beautifully at The Lexington, London on November 14th. His sentimental music struck a chord in the audience, making waves and warming […]

Alessandro Ciminata Fights His ‘Demons’ In New Single

Tue May 02 2017

Alessandro Ciminata is becoming the go-to guy for his unique atmospheric music which gently pushes and pulls you in with emotion and a rich tapestry of sounds. His last single ‘Last Call’ was electro-electrifying. It is so refreshing when you can identify an artist by their infectious melody and soothing voice, but one that produces […]

This Isn’t the ‘Last Call’ for Singer Alessandro Ciminata.

Tue Feb 14 2017

Singer-songwriter Alessandro Ciminata recently released his new single ‘Last Call’, an Indie-Electronic track with an atmospheric and captivating sound. Predominantly a love song, it is about a lover asking for more love and is tinged with sadness. It is an invitation to look inside ourselves. ‘Last Call’ features a mystical, driving bass as an introduction […]

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