Alessandro Ciminata is one of those artists capable of pouring deep, powerful lyrics into his work but steers away from the generic arrangements of the romantic, genre pool of singer-songwriters. Matched with rounds of dark, passionate guitar, Alessandro performed beautifully at The Lexington, London on November 14th. His sentimental music struck a chord in the audience, making waves and warming listeners up for the headline act of the night MALKA.

Live, Alessandro’s tracks follow his description of his music “love songs with traces of sadness“, and when experiencing it in person, it is hard not to connect. I admire Alessandro’s creativity in his music and how much passion he puts into performing to convey his thoughts to his audience. The artwork representing Ciminata’s talent for ‘Demons’ and ‘Last Call’ could not be any better of a resemblance. Minimalistic, urban and just plain cool.
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MALKA first made waves on the music scene as Tamara Schlesinger, the frontwoman of the acclaimed alt-folk collective 6 Day Riot and also as a prolific songwriter. Her past work has been included in a host of high-profile syncs for TV series and Hollywood blockbusters – most notably Skins, Scream 4 and 127 Hours and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Her music has also been featured in Degrassi Next Class and MTV’s Catfish recently.

‘Ratatatat’, MALKA’s second studio album released last month, is more politically driven than her debut, inspired by Brexit and the rise of Trump, as seen in the video for album track ‘Fell For You’, which pokes fun at the President. Her message in the album, however, is one that delivers a glimmer of hope in these troubled times. MALKA has also released videos for album tracks ‘Breakout’ and ‘Wonder Why’.

Tamara strutted onto the stage with her strong foot first in an outfit outshining everyone else in the room and topping her look off with a lion headpiece. I am already obsessed. Contributing to my new found obsession, Tamara later announced she also heads the record label MALKA produces work under, Tantrum Records. Even better!

MALKA’s set was filled with thought-provoking songs concerning Donald Trump, the safety of the NHS and other scenarios everybody experiences even a song about a rubbish neighbour in ‘Let it go’! MALKA are brilliant to watch live; the music surrounds you in a jungle. A similar presence I perceive when listening to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tango in the Night.’

Knowing that MALKA previously headlined the bandstand stage at Bestival, being a festival goer myself, I will be keeping my eyes out for them next summer. I need to see them again!

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