'It's You or It's Nothing'‘It’s You or It’s Nothing’ is the latest offering from London based songwriter Alessandro Ciminata, and it is a brilliantly rich tapestry of intimate aural bliss.

The sultry tones that make up his voice add a beautiful amount of contrast and wrap around the tenderly plucked acoustic guitar to great effect. Nothing is ever done to an extent of potential overuse though, something that greatly adds sincerity and genuineness. There is also some delicate piano work which greatly adds a feeling of pain and contemplation. When the chorus starts and the synths start their empowering alteration of the track, proceedings massively alter in the way emotion is portrayed and projected. The style changes completely, and this is in no way a bad thing.

What starts as a romanticised and pained description of yearning and longing soon transcends into something with a solid beat, full of weight and atmosphere. It definitely wouldn’t be out of place in the club scene. Atmosphere, something important to Alessandro Ciminata, is found all throughout this track and adds a greater scope to the song. Subtle effects are found all over and really manages to enhance and strengthen the musicality found here. Solid drums echo brilliantly, simple in nature, but resonating with a kind of raw urgency and entwine well with the synths and bass. There is also a mesmerising use of distorted electric guitar, masterfully played and adding even greater amounts of character and passion.

There is something deeply affecting about Alessandro’s vocal style and it contains a significant amount of control and honesty. It almost gives the impression the lyrics are taken from a lived experience, and this passion and honesty is truly fantastic songwriting. It feels like Alessandro’s game has been stepped up, and is definitely signalling the start of something important. An outstanding track, and hopefully one to gain him so more much-deserved attention.

It’s you or It’s Nothing‘ is out now.