Alessandro Ciminata Fights His ‘Demons’ In New Single

by Marcus Adetola

2th May, 2017

Alessandro Ciminata is becoming the go-to guy for his unique atmospheric music which gently pushes and pulls you in with emotion and a rich tapestry of sounds. His last single ‘Last Call’ was electro-electrifying. It is so refreshing when you can identify an artist by their infectious melody and soothing voice, but one that produces consistently versatile and exciting music.

With Alessandro’s new single, ‘Demons’ co-produced with Richard Frenneaux (Joseph J. Jones, Laura Welsh) a delicate guitar starts the song, but there is an underlying tremor which sets you a bit on edge. Then the song takes on a different shape entirely. It is an aching introspective about his own insecurities.

‘Demons’ is quite subtle and unassuming, but you are left wanting so much more and you will find yourself thinking about it later on. “Chased by my demons, they’re waking me up every night, they’re out of sight“…”inside my head, demons, wish I could let them go.” Alessandro’s demons might not let him go and this song will have the same effect on you.

Alessandro will be performing his debut at Ronnie Scott’s, London on 16 May.

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