Premiere: Olivia Henry Returns With Stunning New Single & Album

by Lucy Lerner

10th February, 2020

Photo by Bradley Meinz

“You are so beautiful”

LA-based singer-songwriter Olivia Henry releases her seductive single ‘Beautiful’ taken from her new album ‘Expectations’ both released today.

Henry has an appealing style that conjures up vintage jazz singers with a contemporary twist. She is not a one-trick-pony – ‘Expectations’ contains 8 tracks merging upbeat bouncy numbers with sumptuous piano ballads and feel-good jazz-pop songs all delivered with passion and sugar-coated, warm-blooded vocals which reel in the listener. ‘Beautiful’ has a foot-tapping country twang intertwined with a jazz styling.

“So if you catch me smiling bright, don’t be confused by the light, it’s not the stars you see, it’s me that’s shining through”

Photo by Laurel Saul

Following Olivia’s debut EP ‘Sessions’ released in 2014, she had to prolong the release of her sophomore album due to fighting a battle with joint-related autoimmune conditions, but it is finally here and an absolute joy to listen to.

The worst part of those years – confined to a bed, wasting away, horrible pain—was the sense that my life had no purpose.” Olivia comments. “In those moments, I really took solace in my music heroes and found inspiration in the idea that I could create music that might bring someone else an emotional catharsis or even an escape.

New single ‘Beautiful’, and indeed the whole album, is elegant and charming. Henry experiments with genres confidently and she particularly shines with her hypnotic blend of vocal interplay. Olivia Henry is an exciting new artist to discover – she may have been away for a while, but she’s certainly back with a bang.

Olivia’s new album ‘Expectations‘ is out now.

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