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An Accomplished Debut From morgen With Odd One Out

Sat Jul 24 2021

16-year-old morgen’s new track Odd One Out kicks off with a chorus-effected, electric lead guitar, reminiscent of the 90’s Grunge style riffs, a sound which has recently become trendy again thanks to Justin Bieber’s hit single Hold On. It not only ticks all the boxes for a quirky pop song via its unexpected transition from […]

Cassidy King Gets Lost In The Moment With Four In The Morning

Thu Jul 08 2021

Celebrate the Pride Season with singer, songwriter Cassidy King’s mid-tempo, love song Four In The Morning. It delivers an effortlessly performed, Folk-inspired, acoustic guitar arpeggio, alongside an overall Dream Pop-esque production via atmospheric, reverb effects and lamenting, backing vocals. Elements of Ellie Goulding’s distinctive voice shines through, whilst the simplicity of the instrumentation leaves enough […]

Lazy Sunday Is The Perfect Summer Chillout Song From Nathaniel Paul

Tue Jun 22 2021

Nathaniel Paul’s new single Lazy Sunday is a piece of Easy Listening music for you to chill to this summer. Despite its overall laid back and melancholic vibe, the supporting synths which drop in the verse sections bring about an uplifting edge. And the delay and reverb effects on the electric guitar riffs remind us […]

Get Away Is A Blissful Summer Track From Fabich x Dana Williams

Fri Jun 11 2021

Multi-talented musician Fabich has dropped another blissful track from his upcoming album, in the form of Get Away. It’s a mid-tempo Summer, Chillout anthem with an Alternative Soul sound, almost reminiscent of the critically acclaimed works of Morcheeba. Whereas the intro section throws us back to the early career of Portishead, where the legendary, Trip-Hop […]

How Is Anthony Greninger’s Music Therapy Changing The World?

Sat Jan 23 2021

According to Google, Music Therapy is a method that someone can use to aid physical discomfort by lowering one’s blood pressure, reducing their heart rate and relax the muscles. In terms of mental health, it is a method which reduces stress, as well as other negative emotions and behaviours. The latter is what I can […]

Petty By Estella Dawn Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

Sun Jan 17 2021

Following an epic release of musically diverse songs such as fiery Pop Rock track I Dare You and the Nancy Sinatra-esque Hollow, Estella Dawn has dropped yet another interesting single to add to her unique portfolio of work. Petty fits the mood of deep thoughts and emotional rollercoasters many of us are experiencing during these […]

Liv Harland Delivers An Honest Account Of A Break-Up In What A Lie

Mon Jan 11 2021

Following last year’s stunning cover of Dani and Lizzy’s Dancing In The Sky, Liv Harland has dropped her highly anticipated, original debut, What A Lie. It was 100% worth the wait for so many reasons and has made this an instant, 2021 favourite. Brilliantly written both lyrically and musically, Harland delivers an honest account of […]

Cloudy June Releases The Infectious Goodbye To Honeymoon

Wed Dec 02 2020

Throwing us back to Rita Ora’s 2012 album Ora with her fusion of pop rock and R&B production, Cloudy June, an edgy, pop-star-in-the making has just dropped her follow-up single to Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts, entitled Goodbye To Honeymoon. The track’s memorable hook is performed alongside June’s smooth, radio-ready vocals. There is a filtered […]

Blues on the Crosley Is A Comforting Christmas Song From Justy

Fri Nov 27 2020

Justy, a brilliant music artist originally from Brooklyn, has recently dropped Blues on the Crosley, a slow jam, Christmas song for the “broken-hearted”. We can’t get enough of its downtempo vibe, reminiscent of Melanie Fiona’s Alternative R&B style which is delivered with profoundly honest lyrics, thoughtfully describing the experience of love and loss. Words like […]

Anna Bea Unveils Her Stunning Debut EP Wheel Of Change

Sun Nov 22 2020

With impressive lyrics and a fearless determination to fuse Latin music with Folk and Indie, showcased on her debut EP Wheel of Change, Anna Bea has proved herself to be one of the best Pop artists of 2020. Opening with Bleeding Heart which delivers a Spanish-influenced, chord structure, stylistically performed on a nylon-stringed, acoustic guitar, […]

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