An Accomplished Debut From morgen With Odd One Out

by Terry Guy

24th July, 2021

16-year-old morgen’s new track Odd One Out kicks off with a chorus-effected, electric lead guitar, reminiscent of the 90’s Grunge style riffs, a sound which has recently become trendy again thanks to Justin Bieber’s hit single Hold On. It not only ticks all the boxes for a quirky pop song via its unexpected transition from minor to major, but stylistically almost changes genre from a dark Alt-Rock tune to a composition that could easily fall more into the Folk category with the use of a mid-tempo rhythm guitar section in its main hook and softly produced drum programming.

Despite the Santa Cruz-native’s slight huskiness, morgen still sits nicely amongst other pitch-perfect, laid back “stoner” vocalists like Billie Eilish and similarly with her masterful lyrical content, morgen brutally shares her feelings of loneliness, fake smiles and being an outcast. The outro, backing vocals show off her psychedelic tone, with the help of some bright EQ production and classic reverb, beautifully mixed alongside morgens lead vocal which captures our attention from the get-go for its distinctiveness and at times throws us into Lana Del Rey territory.

Odd One Out is the first of 3 singles to drop this year which will culminate in an Autumn 2021 EP by this new, unique singer and we can’t wait. morgen, thank you for putting a smile on our faces with your sinister yet Summer-infused debut.

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