Get Away Is A Blissful Summer Track From Fabich x Dana Williams

by Terry Guy

11th June, 2021

Multi-talented musician Fabich has dropped another blissful track from his upcoming album, in the form of Get Away. It’s a mid-tempo Summer, Chillout anthem with an Alternative Soul sound, almost reminiscent of the critically acclaimed works of Morcheeba. Whereas the intro section throws us back to the early career of Portishead, where the legendary, Trip-Hop band would open most of their songs with a filtered-effected rhythm section or hook, Get Away immediately transcends into a nostalgic reminder of the Mind, Body and Soul era of Joss Stone.

The main element that contributes to the songs unique vibe is the distinctive voice of Dana Williams. With Dana’s raw, rough-edged vocal performance, which delivers effortless, soothing, whispery harmonies throughout, it is as if Zero 7 and Macy Gray got together for a Jazz-influenced, jam session.

Get Away could not have come out at a better time, what with weekend euphoria and the heatwave, so we highly recommend that you give Fabich’s Get Away a listen.

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