Xelli Island Mesmerises On New Single Bad For You

Multi-talented singer and songwriter Lianna Vanicelli, who goes by her unique artist name Xelli Island, has mesmerised us with her confident and sultry vocal performance delivered on her new single Bad For You. Rather than being a commiseration, the song is a celebration of that aching infatuation Xelli has towards someone.

We can’t get enough of the song’s memorable hook, making Bad For You one of the catchiest pop singles of 2020. You will be singing along to the infectious lyrics “I got it, baby I got it, I got it baby for you” within no time. And the glittery synths in Bad For You’s post-chorus, instrumental sections will throw all you 79’s Techno heads back to Kraftwerk’s 1978, critically acclaimed piece Das Model.

When Xelli Island reaches her higher register, it is almost like chilling out to an “upbeat” Lana Del Rey, concluding that Bad For You is one you need to add to both your Indie and Pop playlists ASAP.

‘Bad For You’ is the love song I’ve been wanting to write for years. It captures that sweet spot of falling for someone who you know could eventually break your heart. It’s about putting away your pride and surrendering to the mystery of love and connection. I think it’s really rare to feel completely enamored with someone, but when you do it’s truly incomparable. ‘Bad For You’ is the second single from my debut EP, which I will be releasing independently this October.” – Xelli Island

Moving from Detroit to LA appears to have paid off for a pop artist with a potentially beautiful career ahead of her, and Xelli Island’s debut EP drops later this year, so be sure to keep your eyes out for it. If you want to hear catchy pop, reminiscent of Electro icons La Roux and Robyn, then give Xelli Island a listen to without hesitation.