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Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Disappointed About Another Cancelled Festival Season

Thu Jun 03 2021

Are you one of the thousands of people who are having their Boomtown or Glasto ticket rolled over for ANOTHER year? We can barely meet 6 people outside, let alone share a tent with thousands of sweaty strangers, so the festival season isn’t looking too promising. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, right? Because […]

Lockdown 3.0 Summed Up In Music And Solo-Entertainment

Wed Feb 17 2021

This is a list of some of the activities I’ve been enjoying solo, and the music I’ve been playing on repeat to keep my spirits high and my mood-swings low.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve become so much more of a recluse during this lockdown. I don’t want to speak to friends, family, […]

Songs To Promote Good Vibes And Positivity

Wed Feb 03 2021

With lockdown 3.0 well underway, and with no sign of socialising becoming lawfully acceptable, many of us are feeling alone and miserable. So, I’ve compiled my top 5 list of feel-good songs that I’m hoping will brighten up your lockdown blues.   Personally, once I start taking on board everything that is thrown my way through […]

Ida Hansson Bares All In Elephant Shows

Fri Jul 31 2020

Danish/Swedish singer and songwriter, Ida Hansson is a futuristic electro-pop artist with classic Motown and R&B roots… What a combo, right!? If the sound of that excites you then plug in your headphones and get ready for her new single, Elephant Shows. There’s no questioning that although this track fits nicely into its genre, I […]

Honas Escapes The Daily Grind With Cash Machine

Sat Jul 11 2020

Cash Machine is the third single by Honas, revolving around the struggles of finding yourself exhausted, struggling financially, and not finding a clear path to follow. That being said, Cash Machine was written to “poke a little bit of fun, to distract from that sense of doom that can creep in.” So, it’s a pretty […]

The Endorphins Feel Right At Home With Their New Release

Fri Jun 26 2020

The Endorphins are comprised of Brother August (producer) and Sister Alva (vocals) and they are no strangers to the music scene, after releasing their first two singles Dead Or Alive and Parachute which have gained them over 21,550 monthly listeners on Spotify. They also signed their first songs to Majestic Casual who you’ll probably know from releasing […]

Take A Trip To Jess Chalker’s West Hollywood

Fri Jun 19 2020

Jess Chalker, who you may be familiar with from We Are The Brave, is an amazingly talented Australian singer, songwriter, and musician who is currently based in London. She has released 3 singles in 12 months including her brand new track, West Hollywood. Jess Chalker’s voice is rich and haunting but in a very warm […]

Limón Limón’s Barcelona Night Takes You Back To Happier Times

Wed Jun 10 2020

Limón Limón is back with their new single Barcelona Night which is inspired by, you guessed it, the amazing European city. If you’ve never been, give this song a listen and it’ll be like you’ve already walked along its vibrant seafront and strolled down its cobbled streets listening to the brilliant Spanish guitars and voices. […]

Kelsey Reflects On Middle School

Fri Jun 05 2020

Middle School is all about THAT feeling. When you meet someone who makes you feel ‘young, wild and free’. Kelsey graces us with a comparative between her own adult love story and that of the first time you find love in school. “Middle School is a soulful, feel good tribute to how I felt when […]

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