We Can Relate To Olivia Deane’s Cynic Queen

by Lauren Williams

24th April, 2020

Cynic Queen, a song I’m sure a lot of us girls out there can relate to, is performed and written by Manchester’s own Olivia Deane.

If you’re from Manchester, this is a name you may be familiar with already. Olivia Deane started writing music from the age of 9 and has been no stranger to the Manchester music scene. She was also recently named by Capital Xtra as one of the Top 21 Emerging Female Artists in the UK! So, if that’s not a good enough reason to watch this space, I don’t know what is…

Olivia started recording her own music late last year and is now ready to drop her first song, Cynic Queen, from her debut EP. It’s undoubtedly a pop song that tells the tale of being let down by various relationships and how this negativity crowns the Cynic Queen. How many of you have been crowned a Cynic Queen? It’s not easy dealing with knock backs from relationships although this is a tune with a silver lining.

My initial thoughts when listening to this track is that the vocals resemble a slightly country, more whimsical Ariana Grande. Olivia Deane effortlessly hits the high notes in such a graceful way, it’s beautiful to listen to. It’s elevated even more by the simple, electronic beat in the background that lets Olivia’s voice take center stage.

Olivia Deane takes her inspiration from the likes of Canadian artist Lennon Stella (you might know from her collab with Liam Payne and Jonas Blue on ‘Polaroid’), Julia Michaels (best known for her huge hit, ‘Issues’) and the Dixie Chicks (the sassy country girls from Texas, whose latest single is titled ‘Gaslighter’). Olivia Deane certainly combines elements of all the above and carefully crafts their best qualities into one track.

Cynic Queen is out today – so make sure you go and check it out!

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