Claire Frazier Releases The Relatable I Want You Bad

by Lauren Williams

17th April, 2020

Claire Frazier’s I Want You Bad, you guessed it, is all about wanting someone and you know is going to end badly. We’ve all been there, which makes the 17-year-old singer-songwriter’s new single relatable to a wide audience, regardless of her age. 

“This song is all about wanting something/someone you can’t have in my case, I was in a relationship that I knew needed to end…I just didn’t want to lose the memories or the sweet bond I had with this particular person. I wanted the relationship but, I also realized that it wasn’t fair to the other person to continue something that I knew wasn’t going to last.”  – Claire Frazier

This message comes through very clearly in Claire’s sweet-sounding verses and her catchy chorus that is reminiscent of an old school Taylor Swift song. Her music is simple but effective, starting with a slow piano that showcases her pure voice then leads into a punchy synthetic first hook that continues throughout the whole track. 

In just a few months Claire Frazier has already started working on her debut EP with producers such as Dave Cappa, Shae Jacobs, and Louis Schoorl as well as engineers Erik Madrid and Dylan McDougle. And the themes of the EP are set to follow the honest and all-baring lyricism of I Want You Bad.

“All of these songs encompass memories, experiences, and things I’ve learned primarily in high school. I feel like they really reveal what goes on in the mind of those in high school. From day dreaming, to feeling like they are too overwhelmed to go forward, to having societal pressures, to wanting to have fun but also wanting to meet the expectation of others… these songs deal with my life (and things I have seen others go through) throughout high school.” 

Look out for more from Claire Frazier as this young artist has so much potential. 

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