NIIVA Is Playing Along With These Love Games

by Lauren Williams

24th April, 2020

Opening with a delicate guitar and a sweet, singular voice, Love Games sounds like NIIVAis sitting down in your living room telling you her thoughts and feelings. An electronic base kicks in just before the chorus, adding some gravitas to the lyrics, changing the song from conversational to a futuristic, melodic pop song.

Love Games, in essence, is about a person tying NIIVA up in knots emotionally, but it’s a lot easier said than done to walk away. The connotations within the song, comparing her feelings to a pill, perfectly narrates that fact that she is addicted to her feelings even though she’s completely aware they are no good for her;

I don’t think it’s fair
I don’t really care
Such a bitter pill
You do what you will
It’ll never change
Am I the one to blame
I’m living with the pain
Of playing along with these love games, love games

NIIVA has had her fair share of travelling after being born in Bulgaria, raised in England and now settled in Canada. It’s a wonder she found time to write her new track Love Games, let alone shoot the edgy, lilac tinted music video.

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