Video Premiere: Tyrer ‘Helpless’

by Lucy Lerner

6th March, 2020

Tyrer pours her heart and soul into her new EP ‘This Is’. Whether you are feeling happy or sad, this reflective project is something to sink into. The Manchester-born artist now lives in London and her music covers a diverse palette of soul-pop, jazz, and R&B with fluid beats. 

The music video for the last track ‘Helpless’ is more upbeat than some of the other songs with a summery, acoustic backdrop which you can swing your hips to, but lyrically and visually it is an emotive and thought-provoking piece which releases a torrent of feelings. 

“It’s a life path that I could have been on, had I stayed in a relationship that was wrong for me” – TYRER

With themes of being in a self-destructive relationship, the music video is particularly heartfelt as Tyrer and her partner have a young child. There are lovely moments when the three of them are dancing in their home, happy, and other darker moments when the partner is angry or dancing with another woman in a club while Tyrer is waiting up late at night, worried and holding their baby. The lyrics reflect how she wants to help him, but she can’t get through and he’s a “mess.”

“How am I supposed to save you?”

There is also the feeling of being trapped in a toxic relationship and not knowing which way to turn.

“I don’t like to see you like this, but I know there’s no escape”

Tyrer has a very expressive face and rich vocals, both of which relay the song and visuals perfectly. ‘Helpless’ is a thoughtful project and despite the emotive themes and sadness running through the EP it is somewhat cleansing and a delight to explore.

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