Video Premiere: Roman Harris – ‘Upon A Lifetime’

by Lucy Lerner

4th October, 2019

You were mine, but life came and tore us apart, now I need to know who’s taking care of your heart”

Roman Harris unveils the music video to his latest release; another dreamy soul-filled piece, ‘Upon A Lifetime.’

Every lyric, every note makes its mark on your heart. A satisfying rhythm and caramel vocals wash over you like a warm bath and, above all, Roman Harris knows how to tell a story through his music.

‘Upon A Lifetime’ follows debut single ‘The Smell of Heather‘ and ‘Get Me Got Me’ which prove Roman Harris is not a one-trick pony and despite his music being anchored in soul and R&B, he is willing to experiment with genres, themes, and tempos.

Harris’s new video ‘Upon A Lifetime’ is beautifully simple which lets the song do the talking. Muted tones enhance his vocals, moody lighting reflects his expression, the hands intertwining are really touching. Each of these aspects brings the song to life – “it’s a song born out of sadness and loss but is also a song that displays just how much someone can care.

‘Upon A Lifetime’ is a smooth, vulnerable, and effortless performance from a rising artist whose name should be on everybody’s lips.

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