UNBLOOM is a London-based electronic producer and songwriter from Canada. He collaborated with his long-time friend Davey for his recent single ‘No Other’ which is taken from forthcoming EP ‘This Could Be Everything / This Could Be Nothing’.

‘No Other’ is an exploration into various genres from hip-hop to uptempo electronica and beyond. Funky beats and cosmic jazz intertwine with a vibrant energy and smooth vocals. UNBLOOM says of the meaning behind the track, “Although the single is a rumination on seeking pleasure in the present, the song brings into focus the stabbing feelings of regret and self-doubt that coalesce in this moment of having a good time. Regardless of whether Davey wants to have fun with his partner, he still can’t shake the feeling that she’s not ‘the one’.

The music video reflects the energy of the song and the friendship between the pair who just want to have a good time. Davey’s rap is slick and vocal loops and abstracted shapes add even more to an already abundant song.

UNBLOOM says of the music video, “In some ways, this song narrates and lives within the house-party environment – it speaks to the inevitable peaks and valleys that are universally experienced in these spaces. Our video director, Moses Monterroza, wanted to tease the house party vibe of the track which is why we see Davey inhabit different residential areas. He never fully enters though, which affirms his doubtful position on ‘No Other’.

UNBLOOM’s new EP is a 6-track collection of super chilled music with funky, streamlined rhythms and a polished vibe. UNBLOOM has created his own pop-electronica hybrid with tracks such as ‘Parallel Hearts’ feat Sidney Alexander, ‘It’s Not The Same Anymore’ feat JOYYY and ‘WIP’ feat Layla Mora – glossy, catchy numbers with shape-shifting beats. ‘Soften’ feat Kayla Stewart has a tropical vibe with contemporary dance flourishes, synth stabs and a mesmerising finger-picked guitar solo which transcends into ethereal electronica. ‘I Can’t Do It By Myself’ combines slick RnB with brooding near-ambient grooves and textured glitchy experimental sounds.

UNBLOOM is an incredibly exciting electronic artist and when his EP, ‘This Could Be Everything / This Could Be Nothing’, is released on August 11th, you would be crazy not to give it a spin.