Ride The Tidal Wave Of Emotions On Poor Control By HRTLSS

Tue Aug 04 2020

Ride the tidal wave of emotions on Poor Control by HRTLSS as he spirals down the emotional scale. The song floats with hazy tendencies predominant throughout, and the synchronized electronic embellishments on the background sounds create a dramatic feeling that enshrouds you. The vocals from HRTLSS flow with gusto evoking intense feelings of vulnerability. It…

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Global Network Releases Your Love

Wed May 20 2020

Global Network releases Your Love their new single that takes you on an emotional journey to recapture lost love. The somber instrumentals on the single intensify sentimental feelings, as the vocals from Global Network evoke emotions buried deep. The lyrics possess RnB intricacies and reach out with a longing desire to capture lost love. There is a…

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Free-Spirited Latir Releases The Unusually Captivating Wallflower

Fri Mar 27 2020

Free-spirited Latir releases the unusually captivating Wallflower. Latir is North London’s latest alternative R&B singer-songwriter, who has just dropped the charming music video for his new song. We are impressed, not just by the visuals and Latir’s sensual voice, but at how interesting and boldly psychedelic the sound of music producer Luvian is on the track….

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Premiere: Killa Yan Completes His Trilogy With ‘TREE’

Fri May 10 2019

‘TREE’ is the last single from Killa Yan’s self-reflective trilogy In previous single ‘WON’, Killa Yan revealed an untold tale of his battle and victory over fear. In ‘Tu’ he shared an encrypted message for his future wife which was hidden within analogies and metaphors. In this most recent and conclusive release ‘Tree’ Killa addresses…

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ØBED Releases Intoxicating New Single ‘Sober’

Tue Apr 16 2019

Ghanaian alt R&B/Soul artist and producer ØBED delivers an exploration of the fickle nature of love in his swirling RnB offering ‘Sober’. The track-poised between RnB and soul makes use of pop and trap sensibilities and a smoothly autotuned vocal presentation captures listeners right from its first notes. With honest lyrics that tell the story…

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Adreyn Cash Releases His Stunning RnB Debut ‘Illusions’

Thu Mar 21 2019

Here is some decadent fusion RnB courtesy of Jamaican born singer-songwriter and producer Adreyn Cash. Any opener that reminds me a bit of a Donnell Jones song is a must-listen in my book. Cash co-produced his debut EP ‘Illusions’ alongside Nutty P (Ghetts, Shakka, Professor Green), 169 (Drake, Craig David, Stormzy), Jamal Woon (Wiley, Bonkaz,…

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Lush Alt R&B From Chase Atlantic With ‘Like A Rockstar’

Mon Dec 10 2018

Chase Atlantic is back with their latest single ‘Like A Rockstar’ which marks the Australian three-piece group’s first release under their new partnership between MDDN and BMG. The Alt R&B group’s latest offering has a lush sonic palette and rhythmic production. The vocal harmonies really shine and the addictive song gives off a very mellow…

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ONUR Brings Us A Statement Single To Be Reckoned With

Thu Nov 08 2018

You’re in a low-lit basement bar, reclining against a bare brick wall in a corner. Figures shrouded in darkness and red and blue hues are locked together, entwined in the tune, hips moving, shoulders back. They’re clutching martini’s, served in low ball glasses, lost in soulful, sensual R&B. This is the atmosphere of ONUR’s second…

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Exclusive Interview With The Mystical IYVES

Wed Jul 18 2018

American siren IYVES, a feminine and strong woman with a profound connection to nature has released her new EP ‘Chromatic’. In our exclusive interview with Neon Music, she says: “This is deep and vulnerable material. I was going through major life changes and heartbreak, and collaborator Zach Lipkins and I were able to find the…

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