Global Network Releases Your Love

by Marcus Adetola

20th May, 2020

Global Network releases Your Love their new single that takes you on an emotional journey to recapture lost love. The somber instrumentals on the single intensify sentimental feelings, as the vocals from Global Network evoke emotions buried deep. The lyrics possess RnB intricacies and reach out with a longing desire to capture lost love. There is a sensuality to the song that can be considered lustful. This search for lost love feels like the type you unwittingly left behind, or perhaps your search for greener pastures did not work out. Regardless, there is a sense of unfinished business.

“It’s the first song we composed together. We used to tell each other a lot about each other’s love lives, we talked about how love evolves over the years, the balance and the work it needs. Then, after a while, we started to write music together and that’s how the song came to be, after a discussion. In this case it’s about a love that is no longer shared, no longer felt, but that we’re still trying to save in the hope that it will be reborn. A little sad but we love it ” – Global Network

The visuals are ethereal and captivating, capturing the emotions within the track. Anh Phi, the director, who happens to be a close friend and Wiiki a budding digital artist, helped bring the visuals to life.

The visual for “Your Love” is meant to tell the story of an alien love that emerges to consume one’s life. The story is about the extraterritorial girl finding her way to her destination (Loris). As she walks on, the world surrounds (Loris) start to subdue and gives way to “her” ways. It is a metaphor for how a person or an idea of a person and her “ways” of love can change everything that had come before. It’s about being consumed, diffused by love and to give up. – Wi-kii (3D Artist)

Loris Sasso and Nils Peschanski who make up Global Network both grew up in the Parisian suburbs, la banlieue. Their musical vision draws inspiration from artists like Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, and Justin Timberlake to Jamie XX and Radiohead. The duo tends to emphasize sincerity, simplicity, love, and moments of shared pleasure in their music. And, once again, they have captured these sensibilities on Your Love.

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