ØBEDGhanaian alt R&B/Soul artist and producer ØBED delivers an exploration of the fickle nature of love in his swirling RnB offering ‘Sober’.

The track-poised between RnB and soul makes use of pop and trap sensibilities and a smoothly autotuned vocal presentation captures listeners right from its first notes.

With honest lyrics that tell the story of love that ends as soon as the good times are over, the single is relatable and evokes a sense of bittersweet memories among anyone who holds the scar of a failed relationship. Sonically, ØBED cleverly employs sliding leviathan trap groove pulses and contemporary electronics interspersed within a catchy, yet calming instrumental.

Tugging at your heartstrings, yet making you want to dance along the track is an anomaly – a word the young artist uses to describe himself – as passion meets indifference within the tragicomic songwriting that presents the heart-warming feeling of love as something to be forgotten when the high of it wears off.

Patiently crafting music that establishes himself as a talent to keep your ears open for, the rising star has an artistic vision that seems as clear as sobriety, even as his music drowns you in its welcoming intoxication.

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