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Samica’s New Single Payday Is A Sensory Experience

Sat Sep 19 2020

Samica’s new single Payday is a sensory experience that channels velvet vocals which flutter over warm instrumentals, a silky melody, and luscious harmonies. Payday is the final single from Indian-American R&B artist Samica‘s debut EP Call Me. It’s about feeling flush with that just paid feeling and you just want to spoil the one you […]

Explore The Melancholic Vibes Of Incomplete By Sofila

Thu Aug 20 2020

Explore the melancholic vibes of Incomplete by Sofila. She delves deep into the recesses of her mind pondering upon the myriad of possibilities in regards to her state of being. Incomplete is a conscious track born out of her personal experiences, and Sofila takes you on an emotional intense journey. Sofila displays vulnerability in her […]

Jae Luna Ponders The Complexities Of Life In Mud

Thu Jun 04 2020

Jae Luna ponders the complexities of life through his latest single Mud. It is a blissful slice of reverb guitar-driven alt-R&B with a hip-hop / trap beat and soulful vocals. Mud is about a relationship that had to end as the protagonist became an adult and had to deal with all the complications and confusion […]

Valere Wraps You In Liquid Warmth With Like That

Mon May 18 2020

Valere wraps you in liquid warmth with Like That. The shimmering synths, gossamer vocals, and blissed-out hazy R&B feel so good to sink into. “Do you ever think about me like that?” sings Valere, the songwriter, and producer otherwise known as Shana Llorando. She sounds hurt and confused as she sings about an ex-love who […]

Latir Releases The Enticing Juvenile Forever

Fri May 01 2020

Since bouncing onto the alternative R&B scene in 2017, this avant-garde artist is a breath of fresh air in a crowded genre. Latir’s soulful, emotional Juvenile Forever is a far cry from 2017’s Juvenile Youth; it’s a far more grown-up and powerful single. The maturity in Latir’s sound is impressive. There’s a Cocteau Twins-esque, wobbly, […]

M w S Leads Us Back To Eden With Style

Mon Apr 13 2020

M w S leads us back to Eden with style. When the Italian duo makes music, they do it distinctively with style. And Eden is no exception, with sumptuous sounds and melody accosting you from the onset. Giulia’s silky smooth vocals interlaced with the guitar lines create real-life poetry. “Everyone has their own Eden, a […]

Problem By Alex Mali Is An Earworm Of A Song

Wed Apr 08 2020

Problem by Alex Mali is an earworm of a song, and it will get stuck in your head for good reasons. It’s not just the catchy chorus or the relatable concept of the track. Everything about Problem stands out – from the rhythmic tribal-like drums with elements of trap and R&B to Alex Mali’s lyrical and vocal prowess. […]

MOLTENO Depicts A Night Of Hedonism With Tripping Up

Wed Apr 01 2020

Tripping Up is a well-produced, insightfully written piece of music and one which has made alternative music artist MOLTENO instantly stand out from the crowd. It’s the kind of track you would add to your come-down playlist, when you are in a spiritual, yet emotionally-twisted state and sedated from the madness of the night before. […]

Alt Bloom Delivers On Slick New Single Damn Baby

Sat Mar 28 2020

They are calling Alt Bloom an alt-R&B / pop singer -songwriter, but he is so much more than that. After dropping his recent single Damn Baby, the jazz hip-hop scene may have a new man on its turf, with his confident, refreshing sound. The mid-tempo “kick & cross-stick” drums are reminiscent of psychedelic rock and […]

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