‘Mad’ Is A Bold, Honest EP From Electro-Pop Sensation LAOISE

by Keriese Meade

11th April, 2019

Irish pop artist LAOISEreturns with her new 4-track EP, displaying elements of synth and alternative pop with her lead single titled ‘Mad’. Each song from this EP shows another unique face of LAOISE , as summer vibes are created through the intricate beats which compliment emotion-provoking lyrics. The EP was co-written and co-produced by Seán Behan and Richey McCourt

‘Mad’ is the perfect starter for the EP, as lyrics such as “and now I’m getting mad” is a line that is repeated by everyone at one point. ‘Mad’ completely embodies the energy you wish you had when you were in the situation where madness was the just reaction. The upbeat tune and the lyrics intertwined are perfect for summer or a long day, where you are ready to vent your heart out.

The 22-year-old songwriter from Galway says of her new EP represents “a destination I’ve spent some time trying to reach as a writer and a performer. When I’m writing songs, I like to lay everything out there. I indulge in the fact that I write pop songs because I’ve grown up loving them for that reason – they’re honest, direct and straight-from-the-shoulder.” She admits she “tapped into memories and experiences that I hadn’t fully explored when I was younger, and they still speak to me now.” She continues, “A pop song that’s delivered with truth and with conviction will always connect more with me, and that what I’ve tried to create with each song on the EP, be it anger, defiance, heartbreak or love.

LAOISE will be performing her new hits at a number of festivals this year from Lollapalooza Berlin to Indiependence, where other songs from her EP such as ‘Again’ and ‘Seriously?’ will be on repeat throughout the summer.

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