Introducing New Band Arliston And Debut ‘Enough’

by Lucy Lerner

12th July, 2018

New London-based band Arliston introduces their debut music video ‘Enough’. George Hasbury (Keys, Guitar, Bass & Backing Vocals), Jordi Bosch (Drums, Synth & Backing Vocals) and Jack Ratcliffe (Guitar & Lead Vocals) began writing early last year in a windowless basement underneath a main road with the sounds of the road as background noise. While living there and writing the album, Jack Ratcliffe worked with producer and engineer Chris Blakey (Death In Vegas, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Lloyd Williams). He says of being situated above the ground and busy traffic, that it “definitely made us look at the music differently: as a retreat from the rushing traffic, rather than an expression of some perfect rural setting”.

Debut single ‘Enough’ features a melancholy groove and haunting vocals. The song centres around the repetition of ‘I’ which is supposed to reflect the consistent presence of egocentric, ‘I’ based thoughts, no matter what else is going on or happening around you. The music video relays the fact everything is interpreted through the lens of a first-person experience. There are also influences from Rob Doyle’s ‘Here are the Young’ and the fatalism of WWI soldiers.

Arliston is a really exciting band on our radar and we can’t wait to hear more from them.

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