Interview With Noah Slee Following The Flamboyant ‘Do That’

by Terry Guy

22nd October, 2019

“‘Do That’ is a reminder to myself to be unapologetic and live my life”

Noah Slee and Fhat are 100% throwing some of the most flamboyant and energetic music out there right now via their new collaborative track ‘Do That’. It showcases a masterfully performed riff on the electric guitar, full of the utmost slickness, alongside a Disco tempo and an overall “throwback,” noughties R&B production, very reminiscent of Tweet’s 2002, classic hit single ‘Boogie 2nite.’ All you need are some top-notch harmonies to add to the mix, and a distinctive vocal sound which proves that the days of D’Angelo’s Neo-Soul style is not dead. And what you have is a great new single by the experimental Soul artist Noah Slee.

To finish off his latest work we are introduced to some captivating visuals on ‘Do That’s’ official music video, where you will find dancers shaking their long braids around like a rollercoaster, the same way they did in Soul II Soul’s music video for the 1989 smash-hit ‘Back To Life’ and stunning models freestyling in Vogue-inspired mode. It is a fierce video, full of LGBTQ beauty, in other words.…a must-see. Check out the unique art of Noah Slee.

You can create whatever you want and it doesn’t just have to be one sound.

We caught up with Noah Slee to find out more:

Let’s start with the present. How is life in Berlin? How has Berlin inspired your new music?
Life in Berlin has been great, I’ve been here most of the year, unlike last year where I was touring a lot. So it’s been special to be around my friends and work on my art with some of my favourite people.

We love your new track ‘Do That.’ What was the lyrical and conceptual inspiration behind it?
The music came first and my initial feeling was that I needed to write something that felt uplifting. I started writing verses with the idea of having no regrets and following my intuition. My two other verses didn’t make it in the end because the song ended up being a feature with Fhat but the concept and idea were solidified. ‘Do That’ is a reminder to myself to be unapologetic and live my life cos I deserve that. Every time I hear it on Insta stories it does remind me to do exactly that and I’m glad people connect with it in that way.

It feels as though Neo-Soul is making a comeback. Who are your musical influences? And how was it that your Neo-Soul sound came about?
Neo-Soul is more than a sound. When it made its way into popular music people noticed that the music coincide with a positive attitude and focusing inward not just on the outward. It makes sense that people from that era are still relevant because their songs and stories are still relevant. Artists like Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Common, and the list goes on. I’d say though that my music is inspired by Neo-Soul in a big way especially vocal style and arrangement BUT it’s not confined to just Neo-Soul which is where we are at today. You can create whatever you want and it doesn’t just have to be one sound.

Who are you listening to right now? Any hot tracks that we should know about?
The new Juju Rogers album, also the album by Q is dope. Tamino has been on repeat and you must peep new local fire FHAT Mikey Woodbridge and LIE NING – they’re dope x100000.

Is ‘Do That’ part of a body of work? Is there an EP or full-length album on the way and who are you working with on your current material? Any producers or featured artists we should know about?
My EP TWICE will drop on November 22nd. I executive produced it with my good friend Ben Esser. Also, some amazing producers gave it their touch – DKVPZ, LVTHER, Lakim and Simon and Paul from Hiatus Kaiyote. ALSO a dope feature by Oscar Key Sung.

After seeing the music video for ‘Do That,’ we seriously want to see you perform live. Do you have any tour dates coming up? Will you be coming to the UK?
Yes, I will be touring early next year after y’all had a cute Xmas break and got familiar with my EP. Then I’ll be out there doing my thing !!

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